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Islamguidens Halalcertifiering AB is Sweden's first Halal Certification Body that specializes in issuing authorized halal certificates both for products and also for the industries and activities e.g. slaughterhouses, restaurants, banks, hotels, etc. in accordance with Islamic Shariah.

Islamguidens Halalcertifiering AB has been established by theorganization Islamguiden, and which is also its principal. Islamguiden is one of the largest Muslim organizations in Sweden that has been around since 1997 and has approximately 2,200 members (june 2013). The organization's website is visited by approximately 30,000 visitors each month and was chosen by Internet World Magazine as the best Islamic website in Sweden in 2001. Islamguiden was also awarded Ibn Rushds Honorary Award for 2009

Since its inception in 1997, Islamguiden gave tips and advice to many businesses, government agencies and Muslims in Sweden in various halal issues and is specialized in halal and haram according to Islamic Shariah.

Our Shariah Committee consists of the imams who work for Islamguiden, and who advise the halal and haram issues. They have worked with halal and haram issues for about 15 years. They have different Islamic education, among others from London Open College and from Quran Academy.

Besides Shariah Committee composed our organization also by a Technical Committee, which is responsible for controll, testing and inspection of the halal certification process.

We also consists of advice and tips on halal issues for Swedish companies in their trade and business relations with the Muslim world. Swedish authorities and businesses can consult us when they need help with, for example halal food and halal restaurants when they invite foreign Muslim representatives to Sweden for business contacts and others.

Islamguidens Halalcertifiering AB is recognized by the Swedish Halal Council as the first Halal Certification Body in Sweden and is also a member of International Halal Integrity Allaince (IHI).

  • +46 (0)73 744 15 91
  • IslamGuidens Halalcertifiering AB Box, Märsta, Märsta, 87 195 22, SWEDEN

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